As a professional architectural illustrator for over thirty years, I feel I've mastered the technical aspects of drawing and painting. What's left, of course, is artistic exploration. 

I'm fascinated with the boom and bust cycle of the urban scene. I try to capture the romance of old neighborhoods and once placid rural areas before they are changed forever. I don't doubt that this is due to the rapidly growing cities I've lived in and countries I had visited over the years: Atlanta, Hong Kong, Vancouver, San Francisco, China, Europe and many others. 

I search deep into my memories for inspiration, and in recent years I have introduced more figurative images into my paintings and have discovered that they have a more powerful connection with the viewer.

I believe that my art is a result of my process. I spend a lot of time planning and sketching before the final execution. I use a variety of media: watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and oil, whichever I feel will fit the mood of the piece. Ultimately I paint because I love the journey that each of my paintings takes me on, and no matter where I start, I'm always surprised at where I end.
G   R   E   G     H   O   L   Z   H   A   U   E   R